Magium Wiki

Magium is a text adventure game similar to old Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) books, in which you play as an ordinary guy named Barry, who joins a deadly mage tournament against the most powerful mages in the world in the hopes of using the prize to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a mage himself.

As in all interactive novels, choices will affect the story, and making wrong choices can even lead to death. Besides the traditional choice making of regular CYOA games, Magium also has stats that can be upgraded with points that player will receive occasionally, throughout the game. These stats will be checked by the game from time to time, to see if they are high enough to allow player to perform certain actions. For example, if ancient languages stat is high enough, player can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

The story of Magium starts at the beginning of the tournament, right after player and all the other participants are transported to the continent where the contest is taking place. As the story progresses, player will meet with other participants, will make friends and enemies, and will find out more about the continent, and its inhabitants. Players will find out that a person called "The Creator" had established several utopias in this place, six hundred years ago, where animals and humans lived in harmony, and food was created through magic. What player will get to see, however, is the downfall of these utopias, some of them being on the brink of destruction. Player's choices will influence what happens in these cities, and players can even choose to save them if they desire so.

Developer has stated the game will be divided into six or seven books, each of them consisting of more than a hundred thousand words.

The first book is approximately 178k words long, which translates to about 700 book pages. This number also takes into account the story's branching paths. The length of a playthrough on average is about 90k words, or about 350 book pages.

The second book is 277k words in total, on all paths, which translates to about 1100 book pages. On one path, players can expect to see roughly 140k, which would translate to 550 book pages or so.

First book is free. But in order to unlock subsequent books, players will either need to complete 25 of the 35 available achievements from previous books, or pay to unlock it.